2010 Built Two Homes

Fully Funded

FirstHomeWeEverBuiltOur first home building experience was in Chichicastenango Guatemala. This is the first widow we have ever built a home for. She has these two beautiful children.  We made the mistake of not recording her name.

Those who knew her well told us some of the extremely traumatic things she had gone through.  While the pain was still etched across her face, it was a pleasure to provide these children with a safe place to live.

RaphaelaRaphaela had lost her husband to a drunk driver years ago. She slept in a room with about 14 other members of the family. She had no personal space or belongings – yet she is one of the most beautiful people we have ever encountered. The photo on the right shows Raphaela at the threshold of her new home celebrating housewarming gifts with friends and family. We had never seen anyone so happy to receive a set of plates before!


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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Quiche people through the Jesus Film translated into their own language.
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