2011 Built Two Homes

Fully Funded

DSC02662_0185We learned Maria and her daughter had been living under a tarp in a drainage ditch. The watchful eye of neighbors provided security.  The tears were streaming down her cheeks when she was given the lock and key to a real house! We had the privilage of helping to bring her things up the hill and into this new home.



Rufina had lost her husband and her home only a few months before we arrived in tragic mudslide. Her son wanted to bring her close so he could take care of her. We build Rufina a home right next to her son’s house. With the goats she received she is now breeding and earning an income of her own so that she is not a burden to her son and her grandchildren. She received a new beginning!

Sharing the Gospel through film!
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Quiche people through the Jesus Film translated into their own language.
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