2013 Built Four Homes

Fully Funded

Our Build Teams successfully built three homes on previous trips, and we wanted to know if we could do FOUR. Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that four widows pictured below received homes.  The bad news is that our teams were so busy building we didn’t have a chance to record their stories.


If we knew there stories we might be able to explain how the one widow in the blue skirt did not have any shoes.




Or why the lady in pink and her children were in dire need of a home and the gift of goats to help them earn an income.




Why was Alicia (pronounced aleesia) and her son living with her sister?

The day we built her home, she was called to the hospital for an emergency with a family.



Why was this woman in the photo on the far right all alone? Though she is working in the local hotel as a cook.



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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Quiche people through the Jesus Film translated into their own language.
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