2014 Built Three Homes

Fully Funded


This is Alicia. She lost her home in a mudslide several months ago. She and her two daughters were in the  home at the time. One daughter was seconds away from being swept away with the current. Alicia was able to grab her hand just moments before it would have been too late. Today, she and her daughters are safe and secure in their own home once again.


GoyaGoya is 88 years old. Technically she has been living nearby with her son, but it was reported that he had not really looked after her. The community seems to have somewhat taken her in. She rented a room, when she could afford it, in a home near her daughter. She seems to have been a bit of a wanderer. We built her a special ramp so she could walk up the slight uphill incline to her home. The day after we handed over the keys to her knew home, we found her on her knees crying and thanking God for home. She now lives very close to her daughter Irlanda.

IrlandaIrlanda is the daughter of Goya. She has been a widow for many years, but is one of the most compassionate people we have ever met. Irlanda has 9 children of her own plus she has taken in two orphans. Irlanda’s new home along with her children is within a couple of minutes of walking distance of her mother Goya. Irlanda not only has a home, and goats to help provide a livelihood, but she can now look after her momma too.

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