Give Clean Water

Clemensia is 67 years old and works two jobs to pay rent. She is concerned how long she will be able to work and provide for herself and her son. Her son Eli is Autistic and has no one else who can look after him. He frequently goes to work with her.

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The Daughters of God community is created to provide at-risk women and families like Clemensia with housing, food and water. Clemensia and her son Eli are ready to move in. Her home is ready with plumbing and electricity, she has an orchard of 72 fruit trees, a crop of corn, chickens for eggs, a cow for milk, and a well that produces 100 gallons of water a day.  What she does not yet have is access to that water. The water needs to be pumped and piped up a 100 foot hill, and the walls of the well need to be reinforced.

Once water is available, Clemensia and Eli can immediately move in. Three more homes are also ready for at-risk women and families to move in, but access to clean water is needed first.


The gift of water
In Joyabaj, Guatemala not only is the pollution of water an issue, the quantity of water available is also problematic. This well can ensure the sustainability of at-risk women and families for generations to come.
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