Support a Mission Team


Fundraising for our mission trips has never been easier or more convenient!

IMG_0194Our Mission Teams do a lot more than build houses. They host children’s carnival’s and dinner events to share the gospel, they may hold men’s meetings, or participate in street evangelism. These teams work to meet the needs of those in the local community so that we may introduce them to Jesus Christ. Send Me is always preparing the next team. There are currently 2 trips planned. One in June of 2015 and one in January of 2016. If you would like to support the ongoing work of these mission teams, we’ve made it easy. 
Now you can direct family and friends to this webpage where they can make a donation in your honor by using the “donate” link in the right sidebar. Please make sure they include your name in the notes before finalizing the transaction.
Sharing the Gospel through film!
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Quiche people through the Jesus Film translated into their own language.
Supporting Joyabaj
Making New Futures Possible