Ray of Hope – sponsoring the medical and educational needs of Joyabaj’s most vulnerable children!


You can impact the lives of children with disabilities, give them hope, and change their lives forever! How? By giving support for their most basic needs. Some of these children are physically weak, some have learning disabilities, others suffer with seizures because the families cannot afford medicines. Many children need monthly support to receive medications, others need a one-time donation for things like eye glasses or a leg brace. Still, others need a donation just to be able to see a doctor. Some children must travel to Guatemala City, which is 4 hours away, and stay in a hotel to see a doctor who specializes in the needs of their children. Your sponsorship can change their lives and their futures, while providing them with an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ray of Hope
I want to give a monthly donation to the meet the needs of the children at Ray of Hope school
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