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Quiche Jesus Film Premiere – Discipleship Training

hurches and leaders will need Bibles, Discipleship Books, and support for basic needs. The Jesus Film Project®™ is sponsoring the production of the film in the Quiche language. It is imperative that we equip the local church with the resources to teach and nurture new believers in Christ.

Give Clean Water

In Joyabaj, Guatemala not only is the pollution of water an issue, the quantity of water available is also problematic. This well can ensure the sustainability of at-risk women and families for generations to come

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Support a Mission Team

A new home is life changing. Dirt floors that turn to mud don’t exist anymore, and neither do walls that crumble with strong wind or roofs that leak onto their beds and food. Families with a new home experience a new sense of security, self esteem, and economic opportunities.

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Ray of Hope – sponsoring the medical and educational needs of Joyabaj’s most vulnerable children!

The needs of the children of Ray of Hope go far beyond the need for education. Each child has diabilities to cope with. Each family has medical and travel expenses they often cannot afford. You can help these children receive further diagnoses and support .

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