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Send Me is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to empower people who are trapped in systemic poverty to overcome the obstacles of suffering and injustice. We work to transform people’s lives through education and community development in ways that enable them to become self-sufficient and live with dignity.


We value people! We value all people as created equal and loved by God, individually worthy of equal respect and concern. We celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, culture and contribution. We see education as the catalyst for individual freedom and community growth.

The Send Me Story

In 2008, George Roller and his wife, Tammy, participated in a church youth trip to Guatemala where they met Bill Vasey, a missionary who had spent more than 40 years in Guatemala. They had wanted their children to experience a third world country, just as they had experienced India, where they had started a printing business and an orphanage for girls early in George’s career. Tammy and George immediately realized that Joyabaj’s pervasive poverty was much like the poverty they saw in India. Bill introduced them to local leaders who told them about the widows who no longer had homes or means to support themselves. After seeing the extreme poverty in Joyabaj, George began to organize mission trips to Joyabaj to build homes for these widows. Since their first visit in 2008, the Send Me volunteer teams have made 11 trips to Joyabaj, built twelve widows’ homes, and assisted the Berea Christian School in building a large elementary/secondary school that serves 350 children.

A picture of hopelessness - drunk and passed out on the street - a dark legacy

A picture of hopelessness – drunk and passed out on the street – a dark legacy

While building the Berea Christian School, they realized that their Quiche construction partners were eager to learn new construction skills. They soon discovered that the average wage for unskilled labor is only $4.20/day, if work is available. There were no colleges or technical schools in the region, and no means to pay tuition if schools were available. Young people who did not move to the city had no way to learn vocational skills or to further their education. Adults had no way to improve their lives.

George and Tammy Roller felt compelled to respond. They formed Send Me and created the Send Me Board of Directors with a focused purpose –  to create self-reliance for Joyabaj’s next generation through vocational education and entrepreneurial training.

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Making New Futures Possible
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