Life Cycle Training Institute

An unprecedented educational platform to eliminate poverty

is being developed for young adults trapped in cultural and systemic poverty. Students will learn vocational, entrepreneurial, and life skills, along with practical work skills to enable them to provide for themselves and their families by becoming independent entrepreneurs or skilled tradesmen. With the help and commitment of community leaders, Send Me has launched a multi-disciplinary training program that will provide two-year programs to high school graduates and working adults who want to improve their life skills.
Classroom instruction on academic subjects will be paralleled by hands-on vocational training, complimented by actual work experience. With the input of Intecap and community leaders, the vocational programs are focusing on skills that are regionally relevant. The initial pilot program has begun with Auto Mechanics’ and Chef’s courses. In January, 2014, LCTI is preparing to expand to include week-day classes for the target age group of 16-25 years. Our goal is to meet the needs and interests of our students by adding classes such as: electric/electrical, construction, carpentry, and computer repair as funds for classrooms are raised. LCTI is accredited by Guatemala’s Ministry of Labor through Intecap, who is also assisting to fund teachers’ salaries.

At graduation each student will have the option of joining the workforce or starting a small business. Since there is no manufacturing and a very limited service industry in Joyabaj, the students will likely become self-employed after graduation. LCTI will provide entrepreneurial guidance to its students. Post-graduation advisors will be made available to support students and business start-ups, and micro loans will be available to assist students who qualify. LCTI will also provide support resources, including sewing machines, mechanic’s tools, tractors and other revenue-generating equipment for students.

The most unique aspect of this program is that students will reinvest in their school. This program will involve 1-3 years of challenging work experience for learning and developing skills. The tuition cost to the students will be kept to a minimum; however, each student will work evenings and weekends while enrolled in the school to pay tuition costs. Students are expected to work for the school. In the second year, jobs will be tailored toward supporting the students’ major, giving them vital practical experience along with a strong academic foundation. Second year students may earn wages above their tuition fees as their training advances. The revenues earned by students in the program will be applied toward tuition and overhead expenses. Each student will create his/her work-study plan under LCTI‘s guidance and manage their resources to make that reinvestment possible.

At full enrollment capacity, LCTI’s goal is for student revenues to fund 100% of the school’s budget after three years of operation. We believe this concept of reinvestment in education is critical in creating a mind-set of economic sustainability and personal responsibility.

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