Ray of Hope


Joyabaj’s most vulnerable children

Like all other children, those with disabilities need a chance to learn and grow in self-reliance. They need opportunities to learn, problem solve, and function in their own environments. However, due to a lack of equipment, space, and training, these children, while loved, are often not able to receive much more than babysitting services.


Children sit in desks within inches of others. Cut cereal boxes serve as file storage. Only 1/2 of enrolled children can attend because of lack of space. Many need Medications.

The schooling in Joyabaj offers little to no options for physical and occupational therapies, and there are no specialized options for those who could learn life skills and become self-reliant available. These children have disabilities that range from Deaf & mute, to Cerebral Palsy and Down Symdrome. They are in vital need of intervention to acquire skills to help them learn and grow.

Send Me is working to provide support to this school and its teachers by…

Children of Ray of Hope receive gifts

Ray of Hope receives gifts

• assisting with needed medications;
• provide necessary assistive devices along with training for those devices;
• provide a means of transportation so more students with disabilities in the region can attend classes;
• purchase equipment – sensory tools, exercise equipment, and educational toys;
• and supporting the services of Speech and Physical Therapies.

Your gifts improve the training and education these children receive. Please make your tax-deductible donation today and improve the quality of life for Ray of Hope students and families.

Supporting Joyabaj
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