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Help for special needs children

DSC00197_lowRay of Hope (ROH) is a special needs school located in Joyabaj, (pronounced Hoy-Ah-Vah), Guatemala.  The children who attend have a wide range of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, blindness, deafness, autism, and mental retardation. Although ROH is owned by the Guatemalan government, it receives virtually no government assistance.  Due to the extreme poverty in Joyabaj, the parents and teachers simply don’t have the money to provide the proper medical care these beautiful children so desperately need.


During a recent visit to ROH by Send Me, we discovered the deplorable conditions of the school.  There was no running water.  The only item in the bathroom was a commode with no toilet seat or lid, and you had to bring a bucket of dirty water from outside the building into the bathroom to flush the toilet.  The small kitchen had no cups, plates, utensils, or standard kitchenware like pots and pans or soap.  The three small classrooms were dirty and void of standard school supplies.  Many children who are eligible to attend ROH don’t because their parents have no means of transportation to get their child back and forth to school.  Although about fifty children attend the school, most of them only attend 2-3 days a week since they only have room for about thirty students per day, and the teachers have to rotate the students in and out throughout the week.

Fortunately, through money raised from private donations, Send Me’s mission team was able to paint the entire interior of the school building, furnish a fully functioning bathroom with running water, and provide first aid, kitchen, and school supplies to last ROH an entire year!


Unfortunately, the school needs much more than this.  Some of the more immediate needs of the school include therapy equipment, specific medicines and prosthetic devices for the children, a building addition to accommodate more students, a 15 passenger seat van and driver to pick up and drop off students from the school, special needs playground equipment, and a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist.

Your donation to this program will help some very real children with some very special needs. Please visit our donation page to see how you can help!

by Tim Kelley






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