Our Work

Our work is focused in an extremely impoverished portion of rural Guatemala. We rescue an indigenous people invisible to the modern world who have been swallowed whole by poverty. We strive to redeem their lives in two ways: by meeting essential basic needs and helping the poor build resources and skills to overcome the long-term challenges of poverty.

Outpatient Hospital is in Development

Plans for an outpatient surgical center with multi-specialties is in development to serve the extremely poor free of charge. The local Mayor donated the property where the hospital will stand.

Home Construction

We have built more than 32 homes for the abandoned and abused (2010 – 2022)

Crisis Care

We provide a safe place for women and their children to heal and learn new life skills (2016 – present)

Pastors Seminary

Twenty-nine pastors and key leaders graduated from the first-year seminary course accredited by Seteca, the largest seminary in Central America. The second year seminary course is underway (2020 – present).

Ray of Hope

Children with disabilities receive resources for complete medical care, hygiene products, and nutritional supplements. (2015 – current);

School kids

Focus on Education

Children and young adults are given resources and support to receive a basic and career education, including self-employment skills. Through the Berea school over 100 children receive scholarships through 10th grade. Four are receiving support for career education or self-employement (2019 – present);

Bible Translation (update)

Esteemed life-long missionary Bill Vasey spent his life translating the Bible into the K’iche’ language. He dedicated the first Bible in 2008. However, the government of Guatemala updated the alphabet and made the Bible obsolete. “The Bible Society” has been a tremendous support and is working with our translation team to bring the Bible with the new K’iche’ alphabet back to Joyabaj.

Mission Teams Make “It” Happen

Send Me has hosted more than 42 mission teams both small and large in Joyabaj. Mission teams lead Vacation Bible Schools, construct homes, create community events help children with disabilities, and visit community homes with much needed food and friendship. (2009 – current).

First K’iche’ Movie

Through the amazing partnership of the “Jesus Film Project” the K’iche’ people of Joyabaj saw the first K’iche’ film ever made in 2017. More than 7,000 people, that we know of, responded to the message that was presented by local pastors. The film was shown on television weekly for one year. Three additional films were created in K’iche’ – “The Story of Jesus for Children,” “Magdalena,” and “My Last Day.” in K’iche’ (2017);

Help in Time of Need

Partners of Send Me donated 6 months worth of food for 2,200 people. Each month we brought food by truck to families in remote areas who were suffering from hunger throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2021);